Since I moved to Japan, I have been slacking on learning Japanese. In the meantime I started slightly morphing some phrases. And some turn out to be quite catchy.

ジェム is my name (Cem) written in Katakana. "Cemhongo" or "ジェムhongo" doesn't mean anything.

Japanese English Cemhongo Meaning
ありがと ございます
arigato gozaimasu
Thank you adios gozaimas Thank you and bye
おつかれ さま
Otsukare sama
Good job Otsukare sama dios Good job and get outta here now
ども ありがと
Domo arigato
Thank you Domogato Just shorter
ちょっと まって
Chotto matte
Give me a minute chotto matane chotto means little and matane means see you soon.
chotto matane becomes, see you sooner???

It is quite amusing to see people remember those and say it back to me, before I do.

Cem is my name. ジェム is claimed to be the  Katakana version.