At the start of the Golden Week (2019) Holiday in Japan, I decided to tinker with an idea I had in a while; an editor which is capable of inserting timestamps as I type.

After failing to find a good tool, decided to build one. Naming things is hard and I needed something to start this project. Going around in circles with timestamp editor, tsedit, tedit, editts, etc. Eventually, it became tidit due to a typo. It also sounds like "i tid it". Can't beat that!

tidit is running at .

tidit - online text editor with timestamps

I expect to use tidit often while taking notes during my interviews and meetings. I usually do not need an exact timeline, but some markers should come in handy while I do the post-write ups.

tidit does not store the text anywhere. No local storage, no server-side persistence, nada, zip! You leave the page, what you typed is gone.